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Hey Peoples! I have been a piercer since i was 18 and a tattooist since I  was 19 years old.  I grew up around the tattooing industry since i was  roughly 5 years young, thanks to my father the creator/owner of the fine  establishment I'm so fortunate to call my home, Vanity Tattoo inc.  I was  always very creative since i could basically breathe.  Art (in many forms)  was an outlet for me i.e. drawing, sculpting, cooking and obviously  tattooing.  My style of tattooing is universal, I enjoy doing it all.  Its very fun  for me as an artist to create beautiful works of art on the canvas of which  are your bodies.  Anything you as a client can throw at me I will take on the  challenge and give you a beautiful piece of art and a great experience.   Thank you all for the past memories and to the new ones we will create  together! Hope to see you all VERY soon!
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